About us

WE ARE ARTOFACT, an audio visual media production company that creates high quality stories and products. We work to influence the current aesthetic standard for a better viewing experience.


a better world for everyone in equal rights with no execption.


that freedom of expression is fundamental for great works to come.


to create aesthetic audiovisual works in parallel to improve our welfare without sacrificing friendship and sense of justice.

Audio visual products are considered as a medium that has an effective appeal to introduce ideas and create a certain awareness of the messages conveyed, hence the media is increasingly popular among the public. The development of digital technology allows the cheapness of high-resolution audio visual devices that were previously only accessible to professionals are now increasingly commonly used by the general public. We are exist to give professional production services in filmmaking and photography.

a brief history

We have been friends since a long time. Everyone has their own story on how we jump into this profession, but we have common things to start, love of photography, visual design, and least but not last, film. Together we try to help eachother and improve our capacity in social and economy aspect. So we start this company officially in 2016 as PT. ARTOFACT MEDIA BHINNEKA under legal registration by Indonesian government.