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Who we are

We are a company that works in audio visual production who has vision to achieve the of high taste of users of audio visual products in Indonesia that influence the lifestyle in enjoying art and culture. We create esthetic audio visual works that meet international standards for the Indonesian people as a means of shareholders and workers to be able to improve their welfare without sacrificing friendship and sense of justice.

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Audio Visual Services

Pre Production

Fixer and research, Script Writing, and Production Design services


Still or Motion Graphic Design, Animation, Photography, and Film/Video services

Post Production

Editing, Color Grading, Sound Mixing and Mastering services

We like to create opportunities

Almost everyone has the same opportunity to be able to produce and reach information that is packed in various media with good quality. However, generally more formal institutions have to rely on professionals to produce their information media to meet certain standards. Artofact is working to provide the highest standard in reachable cost production service.


Audio visual products are considered as a medium that has an effective appeal to introduce ideas and create a certain awareness of the messages conveyed, hence the media is increasingly popular among the public. The development of digital technology allows the cheapness of high-resolution audio visual devices that were previously only accessible to professionals are now increasingly commonly used by the general public.